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Privacy Notice -- Contact Forms

This Privacy Policy describes how we, Inferno Nettverk A/S, collect, store and use information about you when you use our web based contact forms. This Privacy Policy is effective from 1 May 2018.


Using a contact form will result in the submitted name, email address and information request being stored, along with the address the request was received from and the time it was received. This information is required to reply to received requests and to monitor our web servers for maintenance and security problems.


Our web-pages and submission forms for sending us information are available on both our secure (https) and unencrypted (http) web servers.

The information submitted via web forms are stored on encrypted file systems, with backups also being encrypted.

Contact requests

Contact form requests are stored as consent for reception of replies to the contact request to the specified email address.

Email addresses specified in contact forms are only used to reply to the specific received information request. Submitted email addresses are not shared with or sold to third parties and will not be sent unrelated information.

Data retention

Full server logs are retained for one year, after which log files with full addresses are deleted and only anonymized and non-reversible log data is retained after that.

Information access, updates and deletion

You can request access to any information we might have on you, and request that this information be deleted or updated.

If you have an questions regarding our privacy policy, data processing or wish to have private information removed, please contact In order to comply with any requests, we might require additional information to verify your identity.

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