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Privacy Notice -- Email and Mailing lists

This Privacy Policy describes how we, Inferno Nettverk A/S, collect, store and use information about you when you use or interact with our mailing lists. This Privacy Policy is effective from 1 May 2018.


Sending us an email will result in the email contents, including the email address and name included in the email, being stored, along with information on the address the email was received from, and the time it was received. This information is required to reply to received emails, to forward messages going to our mailing lists and to monitor our email system for maintenance and security problems.

By sending us an email you consent to us storing the email on our systems.


Our email system will protection email contents using encryption during both reception and sending of email, when it communicates with another email system that also supports encryption (via STARTTLS).

Mailing list information and received emails are stored on encrypted file systems, with backups also being encrypted.


Subscribe messages to the listmanager address are stored as consent for reception of messages from the subscribed mailing list. An unsubscribe message is considered withdrawal of that consent.

Every mailing list email that is sent to list subscribers contain a List-Unsubscribe header that specifies the email address that can be used to unsubscribe from a list.

Addresses of subscribed users are only used for sending of mail from subscribed lists and are not shared with or sold to third parties and will not be sent unrelated information.


Messages sent to the misc list are forwarded to all subscribers of the list and should be considered publicly available information. The messages might be stored by other subscribers, placed on the public Internet and made available to public search engines.

Only send messages that you do not do not have a problem with being made public, and from an email address that you are comfortable with being made public.

Never send any private information or information that you do not wish to be publicly available.


The contents of emails sent to the bugs address will only be used internally, but information related to reproduction of bugs might be shared with relevant third parties when appropriate, such as when it relates to software developed by other companies or organizations. Any private or identifiable information will be removed as appropriate in these situations.

The name and obfuscated email address of the first reporter of a bug will normally be included in the credits of the version of the software in which the reported bug is fixed. Please indicate in the bug report if you wish to be credited with reporting a bug.

Private and user-identifiable information should be removed from submitted log files using sed or similar tools before submission, unless necessary to reproduce the reported problem.

Information on steps to reproduce bugs is necessary for software maintenance and might be retained after any reported bugs have been fixed.


Patches submitted to the project that become included in the public version becomes public information when the source code for the project is freely available open source. The submitting user will normally be credited in the documentation and source code.

Patches added to the project and the identity of the submitter is information necessary for project management and will be retained after the patch has been included.

Data retention

Full mail server logs are retained for one year, after which log files with full addresses are deleted and only anonymized and non-reversible log data is retained after that.

The duration emails need to be stored to reply to and follow up to any contents is highly variable so there is no automatic expiry of received emails.

Information access, updates and deletion

You can request access to any information we might have on you, and request that this information be deleted or updated.

If you have an questions regarding our privacy policy, data processing or wish to have private information removed, please contact In order to comply with any requests, we might require additional information to verify your identity.

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