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Commercial modules

This page describes modules that add extra functionality and can be purchased for use with Barefoot.

The modules are licensed on a per IP address basis. The IP address in question is the Barefoot server's external IP address(es) (the external: field in the barefootd.conf file).

Contact to purchase any of these modules.

Barefoot module - Bandwidth control

The Bandwidth module gives control over how much bandwidth the Barefoot server allocates to the the clients and destination addresses.

Price: EUR 400

Documentation: PDF html

Barefoot module - Redirect

The Redirect module gives control over what addresses and portranges the Barefoot server will use.

It can be used to restrict the portranges used by the Barefoot server, useful for cases where e.g. a firewall needs to know what portranges and addresses the Barefoot server will use to make outgoing connections.

Price: EUR 400

Documentation: PDF html


Modules that are not available for the current Barefoot version.

Barefoot module - Session control (latest supported Barefoot version: 1.4.0)

The Session module gives control over how many TCP/UDP sessions (connections) clients can establish.

It can be used to limit the number of connections going to e.g., a particular website.

The public Barefoot version 1.4.1 and later includes functionality similar to the Session module and the Session module is no longer supported by versions 1.4.1 and later.

We generally recommend using the latest Barefoot version, but the legacy session module can still be bought for use with earlier Barefoot versions.

Price: EUR 200

Documentation: PDF html

Other modules

If you have ideas for other functionality that you would like to see implemented as modules, contact If we like the idea, we might be willing to share the cost of development.

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