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This page describes the current status of Barefoot. The latest public version is Barefoot 1.4.0


The Barefoot port bouncer uses the same codebase as the Dante SOCKS server. Dante is a mature project with it's first release made in 1998. Rather than forwarding traffic as specified by SOCKS requests, the Barefoot port bouncer forwards traffic as specified by a static configuration file.


Some key highlights of the Barefoot server include:

  • 24/7 support available from the people who wrote and know it best.
  • Distributed with a liberal license (BSD/CMU-type).
  • Access control.
  • Extensive logging possibilities.
  • Can forward both TCP and UDP.
  • Integrated with PAM and TCP Wrappers.
  • Can forward TCP data via a proxy (using the SOCKS protocol, or HTTP CONNECT).
  • Bandwidth usage control (via module Bandwidth).
  • Port/redirection control (via module Redirect).
  • Control over the number of sessions (via module Session).

Supported protocols

  • TCP.
  • UDP.
  • SOCKS (for server-chaining/outgoing end only).
  • HTTP CONNECT (for server-chaining/outgoing end only).

Future plans

This sections gives a overview over the current plans for adding new features to Barefoot. If you wish to finance development of these or other features, please contact us.

Near future

  • Advanced session control
  • Advanced process scheduling control (currently on Linux only)

Desired features

The items below are all desired, but not currently being worked on. See the survey for more information about them and to influence their priority.

  • Load balancing.
  • OS performance improvements (splice(2)).
  • Transparent proxy support.

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