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Inferno Nettverk Privacy Policy overview

These pages describe how Inferno Nettverk A/S complies with rules such as the new EU General Data Protection Regulation/GDPR.

Inferno Nettverk is a B2B solutions company providing software and support to other companies.

Our privacy and security policies can be summarized as aiming to collect as little private information as possible and storing the information that we need in a secure environment.

In practice, this means that our web pages do not make use of cookies or similar techniques to track users. We do not have any user-specific accounts on our web pages that allows for user tracking and do not attempt to perform any user tracking based on the information that we have.

What we log is mainly usage of our web/ftp/mail/etc. servers, to be able to perform maintainance, plan server capacity and detect security problems.

Information we log that can be user-identifiable, such as email, is kept on encrypted storage.

We do not sell or share any private information with third parties.

For more details on specific privacy policies, please see the following pages that provide more detailed policy information on specific parts of our services:

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