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Random Observations (1) - top(1) application CPU usage definition

Posted on Sat Jan 4 02:38:22 MET 2014

This blog posting contains some random observations made during software development, regarding problems that were not easily solved by searching the Internet for solutions explaining what was going on. Perhaps these entries will help others in a similar situation by making the information more available. Question: What does the 'top' application CPU percentage value include?

Livedebug: the art of dumping core and dying on live production systems

Posted by Michael Shuldman, Inferno Nettverk A/S, Norway on Sat Aug 3 22:42:07 MEST 2013

When a customer reports a problem with our software, we work hard to figure out what is going on as fast as possible, usually with no access to the system where our software is running in production. Depending on the SLA we have with the particular customer and how serious the problem is, this may involve waking up the right developer in the middle of the night to start analysing the problem.

Valgrind and uninitialised reads debugging

Posted by Michael Shuldman, Inferno Nettverk A/S, Norway on Tue Dec 20 16:46:39 2011
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Valgrind is a useful tool for discovering many types of programming errors at runtime, and here at Inferno Nettverk, Valgrind is part of the automated testing system for our software. That means I don't spend much time thinking about or running Valgrind myself, but now and then I get an email from the test system complaining that Valgrind has detected an error.

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