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Inferno Nettverk A/S

Inferno Nettverk A/S is a software engineering company that provides consulting services related to software development on UNIX and embedded systems.

The company was founded in 1997, and has been located in Oslo Research Park Norway since the beginning of 1998.

We have been developing UNIX software for a long time, and some of our software is today in use by some of the worlds biggest companies.

The founders background is both from R&D at small and large international companies, as well as research at academic institutions. At Inferno Nettverk we have tried to keep the best of both of these worlds. We combine ambitious research with careful software development, testing, and publishing procedures, in order to create new applications and services of high quality.

We have also had some involvement in open source, and Inferno Nettverk staff have over the years contributed code to several open source projects, including Ethereal/Wireshark, Netperf, and OpenBSD.

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