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Commercial software support

Inferno Nettverk A/S offers commercial support for the products that we have developed. Companies that rely on our software are encouraged to purchase a support contract to receive help with usage related questions and to ensure that assistance is available should any problems occur.

For additional information and prices, please contact

IBM and other companies using Ariba Network may use this link for ordering directly: View INFERNO NETTVERK AS profile on Ariba Discovery

Support levels

Inferno Nettverk A/S offers several levels of support.

A support level as listed here always includes everything in the support levels listed above.


  • Software availability All patch, maintenance, and major releases of the software will be made available electronically to customer.
  • Security alerts Customer will be alerted about any possible security related problems, and will as soon as possible be provided with a patch release to remedy the problem.
  • Support via email Questions and problem reports can be submitted by customer via email.
  • Correction of errors and problems Inferno Nettverk will correct bugs and incorrect behavior reported by customer.


  • Support via telephone during primary support hours Questions and problem reports can be submitted via telephone during primary support hours (09-17 CET, Monday to Friday).
  • Phone meeting (available also outside primary support hours) A phone meeting can be scheduled in cases where it might be beneficial for preparations to be made prior to the meeting. Phone meetings are suitable for debugging sessions and solving more complicated problems, as well as for receiving support outside primary support hours.
  • System review Customer can receive a review of the software configuration used, with regards to factors such as performance and security.
  • Binary Package builds Upon request, a customer can receive a precompiled binary snapshot or package file for their supported platform.


  • 24/7 support for critical problems Customer can report critical problems at any time via telephone or email.
  • Guaranteed response time on all requests We guarantee commencing work and providing a response within the agreed on time limit.
  • Free access to all commercial modules Customer can receive free access to any commercial modules and extensions developed by Inferno Nettverk for the software.
  • Designated contact person at Inferno Nettverk Inferno Nettverk will assign a top-level support person to maintain knowledge of customer's installation and system configuration.

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