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SOCKS related resources


  • GUI - Hubert Krause's Dante SOCKS server Webmin module.

Other implementations

  • The SOCKS version 4 reference implementation (local mirror).
  • Antinat a SOCKS client and server implementation.
  • CSOCKS another v4/v5 client implementation.
  • Proxycap a commercial v4/v5 client implementation with some advanced features not found elsewhere.
  • Redsocks An interesting transparent SOCKS proxy redirection tool running at layer 3. Allows arbitrary TCP connections to be redirected to e.g., a SOCKS proxy.
  • Socksd Another v4/v5 server implementation.
  • Srelay A v4/v5 server implementation.
  • SS5 A v4/v5 server implementation with GSSAPI support.
  • Tsocks lightweight socks client library. Similar to the Dante client library ("socksify"), but only supports the connect(2) system call. Traditionally considered simpler to use, perhaps especially before support for using socksify without a socks.conf was made possible in Dante version 1.2.0.
  • Shadowsocks, a SOCKS-like system with multi-platform support.

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