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Commercial modules

This page describes modules that add extra functionality and can be purchased for use with Dante.

The modules are licensed on a per IP address basis. The IP address in question is the Dante server's external IP address(es) (the external: field in the sockd.conf file).

Contact sales@inet.no if you wish to purchase any of these modules.

Dante module - Bandwidth control

The Bandwidth module gives control over how much bandwidth the Dante server uses on behalf of clients.

It can be used to limit bandwidth to non-work related web/ftp sites, or to prevent ftp-related traffic from impacting too much on interactive telnet/ssh traffic.

It can also be used to give bandwidth priority to certain clients or users, or for traffic to certain cites.

Price: EUR 400

Documentation: PDF html

Dante module - LDAP

The LDAP module makes it possible to use an LDAP server/Active Directory server for authorising clients.

By being able to integrate LDAP queries into the SOCKS rules, the administrator is given great flexibility in doing access control. For example, groups defined in the LDAP server can be used to decide whether a given user should be given access to specified external sites or refused, based on his LDAP group membership.

A typical usage scenario would be limiting temporary employees to only work related sites, while giving full access to other users.

Price: EUR 1000

Documentation: PDF html

Dante module - Redirect

The Redirect module gives control over where client requests and replies will end up, as well as the addresses and port ranges that the Dante server will use.

It can be used to redirect client connections from one address to another. This can be useful in cases where, for example, it is desired to automatically redirect clients to an address different from the ones they request.

The module can also be used to control the port ranges used by the Dante server, which can be useful if a firewall needs to know what port ranges the Dante server will use.

Price: EUR 400

Documentation: PDF html


Modules that are not available for the current Dante version.

Dante module - Session control (latest supported Dante version: 1.3.x)

The Session module gives control over how many sessions (connections) SOCKS clients can establish.

It can be used to limit the number of connections going to e.g., a particular website, or to limit the number of connections a particular user can create.

The public Dante version 1.4.x and later includes functionality similar to the Session module and the Session module is no longer supported by version 1.4.0 and later.

We generally recommend using the latest Dante version, but the legacy session module can still be bought for use with earlier Dante versions.

Price: EUR 200

Documentation: PDF html

Other modules

If you have ideas for other functionality that you would like to see implemented as modules, please contact sales@inet.no. If we like the idea, we might be willing to share the cost of development.

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