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Mailing lists


Inferno Nettverk maintains several mailing lists dedicated to Barefoot, both read-only lists for announcements and public discussion lists for users of Barefoot.

For information on how we process and store personal information from received emails, please see our privacy policy for mailing lists.

To subscribe, send a mail to with the following message body:

  subscribe <listname> <your email address> 

Substitute <listname> with one of the public lists below. Please do not send requests for subscription or unsubscription to any of the lists. Note that mail to the listmanager is currently not processed automatically. Some time might pass before a response to subscription or unsubscription requests is received.

To unsubscribe use the same address (, and send a message with with the following message body:

  unsubscribe <listname> <your email address> 

Make sure that the address used when subscribing is used in the unsubscribe request.

Each email sent to list subscribers contain a "List-Unsubscribe" header with the unsubscribe address for the list. Send email to the address to unsubscribe.

Public mailing lists

Announcements of new versions. This is a moderated low volume list.
General discussion about Barefoot, requests for help, etc. It is possible to send messages to this list without subscribing, but if you do, you should ask people to Cc: you on any reply they make.

Other relevant mail addresses
For reporting problems or bugs.
For information about support and other commercial services.

Note that it is not possible to subscribe to these lists.


There are currently no public archives of any of the above lists maintained by Inferno Nettverk.

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