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This page describes how to use the redirect module to modify traffic going through the Barefoot server.

The official BSD licensed distribution of Barefoot includes a full-featured port bouncer. Some additional functionality is however offered as modules.

Redirection is done in the client pass rules. A redirect to or redirect from keyword is added to modify the behavior of the rule.

Server port range usage limiting

client pass {
   from: to: eth0 port = 1234
   bounce to: port = http
   redirect from: eth1 port 30000 - 40000

It some usage scenarios it can be desired to restrict the port ranges used by the Barefoot server. This would for example make it possible for a firewall to know which port numbers will be used by the Barefoot server. The rule above ensures that the server will limit itself to using ports in the range 30000 to 40000 on the interface eth1, for all traffic originating from clients on the network.

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