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Bandwidth limits

This page describes how to do use the Barefoot bandwidth module to control client bandwidth usage.

The official BSD licensed distribution of Barefoot includes a port bouncer server with all functionality required for port bouncing. Some additional functionality is however offered as modules that can be purchased separately. The bandwidth module controls bandwidth usage.

Bandwidth limitation is configured in the client pass rules in the server configuration file. As a result, they can be used in combination with other keywords that are available in these rules, including source and destination addresses, protocols, and authentication information such as user and group identities. Typical usage scenarios include limiting the resources available to or from different networks or servers.

Bandwidth limitation

The bandwidth keyword is used to specify the upper limit on bandwidth in bytes per second. This keyword is added in client pass rules.

#limit the bandwidth of traffic to web-server at
client pass {  
        from: to: eth0 port = http
	bounce to: port = http
        log: error # connect disconnect iooperation
	bandwidth: 102400 #100kbps

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